Queen Mary 2 Captain Philpott’s Weekly Column

Nautical Tales and Sayings!

Hello Everyone, Where do all these everyday sayings come from – the ones we say regularly but don’t really think about, especially their original origins…??!! The answer is in many cases; from seagoing terms and expressions and old sailors “slang” sayings, which have over the years made their way into everyday speech. Here’s my first […]

Queen Mary 2; Queen of the Oceans

Hello Everyone, This week, a little interesting information on my last ship and the only true Ocean Liner still operating in the World today; the unique “Queen Mary 2”, affectionately known as “QM2”. If you are a traveller and you are making a “bucket list” of trips to take in your lifetime, then a voyage […]

More tales from Chile

Hello Everyone, Travel leaves one with so many great memories to recall and relive after the event, in a quiet moment or two and I still frequently find myself recalling recent memories from my amazing trip to the beautiful country of Chile. My wife and I stayed with good friends in the Chilean region of […]

World Voyages on Cunard’s Queens!

Hello Everyone, Well it seems like only yesterday that I was writing in this blog on how it was World Voyage time of year again, as the Cunard vessels and many other cruise vessels got ready to head off for anything from 3 to 4 months for their annual circumnavigation of the World – in […]

From the South Pacific to the Chilean Andes!

Before I tell you more of my recent trip to the amazing country of Chile, it’s worth mentioning that my good friend and the “main man” behind The World’s Greatest Vacations, Richard Shane is currently travelling with Paul Gauguin Cruises aboard their award winning luxury small ship “Paul Gauguin” in the South Pacific. Paul Gauguin […]

Travels in Chile!

Hello everyone – Captain Peter Philpott here once again and as mentioned in my last blog, I’m freshly returned from a wonderful trip to the amazing country of Chile…! After a career at sea and mainly in the cruising industry, I have been lucky enough to visit a huge number of countries all around the […]

Travel Plans!

Hello again everyone and I hope you are having fun with your vacation planning for 2019 and possibly beyond. There is such a choice out there and right now the world really is our oyster, as they say. To make the decision even more exciting, new cruise lines are starting up – Virgin Voyages are […]

It’s World Voyage time of year!

Hello again everyone. Early January is the time of year when many cruise ships and certainly all three of Cunard’s Liners are getting ready for a complete change to their usual schedules as they prepare to set off on their annual three month World Voyages. This is a time of great excitement, both for the […]

Ringing in the New Year Cunard style!

Hello again and if you are anything like me, you are right now wondering just where the year 2018 has gone! Another year flies by and we are right on the brink of entering 2019 as I write this. Where will this new year take us, I wonder? Lots of new and exciting adventures and […]

Happy Holidays!!

Hello Everyone. Well, the Festive Season is well and truly approaching as I write and this will be the last of my articles before Christmas Day, so why don’t I take this opportunity to describe what a truly magical time this is on board the Cunard ships and, I’m sure, on the other cruise lines’ […]