7 Creative Hotel Room Features to Improve Your Stay


These hotels surprise and delight with innovative perks and amenities to elevate your stay.

Hoteliers are getting increasingly smarter about meeting guests’ every need with high-tech amenities and benefits. The days of finding an open plug to charge your electronic devices are on their way out as more properties look for ways to make an overnight stay more like home, and surprise guests with amenities that add convenience, comfort and luxury, whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure. Read on to discover eight game-changing room features are redefining the guest experience.

Programmable Elevators

To up the wow factor at several hotels around the country, hotels are installing programmable elevators that make getting to your destination even easier, and enable elevators to operate more efficiently. At both the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown and the Anaheim Marriot Hotel in California, guests can simply enter their desired floor into the display outside the elevator bank upon arrival, which then directs them to the appropriate elevator. Once inside, the elevator delivers guests to their floor with no more button-pushing required.

Soundproof Windows

Getting a good night’s sleep in a hotel can sometimes be a challenge, especially when there is noise outside your door or window. Several newer hotels are using soundproof glass in windows to keep things quieter. The Kimpton Everly Hotel is the first soundproof hotel in Hollywood – and for good reason. Perched on the busy 101 Freeway, the hotel’s glass-encased surroundings keeps guests from hearing outside noisefrom their bed. Kimpton Hotel Allegro in downtown Chicago, which is located near an “L” train station, also employed sound insulation with triple-paned windows to keep city noise at bay. You can also book the Tatami Suite at The Kitano New York with soundproof windows for a silent escape from the city that never sleeps.

Amazon Echo

A variety of hotels are rolling out their own in-room digital concierge with Amazon Echo. At the ACME Hotel Chicago, Kimpton Alexis Hotel in Seattle, Nevada’s Wynn Las Vegas and select rooms at The Time Nyack in New York’s Hudson Valley, guests can request room delivery and ask for restaurant andarea recommendations. Meanwhile, at the Best Western Plus Hawthorne Terrace in Chicago, Harry Caray is the voice who welcomes guests to their room on Amazon Echo instead of the robotic voice of Alexa.

Motion Sensor Night Lights

Need to get up in the middle of the night at your hotel, but not sure of the room layout? No problem. Motion sensor lights at properties such as Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown and InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown light up as soon as your feet hit the floor to help you reach the bathroom and easily navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

Netflix Access

Imagine being able to cuddle up in bed and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show right from your hotel room. Both the Anaheim Marriott and The Blackstone, Autograph Collection make it easy to stream your favorite shows and movies with the service loaded right on your TV. Simply sign in to your account and pick your favorite series. The Blackstone also offers access to Hulu, YouTube, Pandora and Crackle.

Digital Privacy

Got a “Do Not Disturb” sign that’s crinkled and barely hanging on to the door? These hotels have made the infamous sign a thing of the past with new technology that digitally displays your whereabouts. At InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, you can set the display to show if you do or do not want service and control the room’s lighting all in one place. At Mr. C. Seaport in Manhattan’s Financial District, you can also control your in-room status digitally, which alerts staff both visually and via a signal. The hotel also has a tray tracker to alert staff of room-service trays set outside the door that are ready for pick-up.

Energy-Efficient Room Keys

With more properties focusing on energy efficiency and green technologies, hoteliers have started rolling out keys that operate the room’s electricity. At the Hotel Indigo Paris – Opera and the Hotel Indigo Athens in Georgia, for example, guests insert their room key into a slot by the door to activate electricity while inside the room. This keeps energy from being used when guests have their keys and are outside the hotel.

Courtesy of USNews