Queen Mary 2 Captain Philpott’s Monthly Column

Inspired by Paul Gauguin Cruises!

Hello Again Everyone, Hopefully you will have read my previous two Blogs about my fabulous recent cruise in French Polynesia with Paul Gauguin Cruises. I’m sure you already know that Paul Gauguin was a famous French artist who spent his later years living and painting in French Polynesia and who is credited with “revolutionising portrait […]

Paul Gauguin Cruises – Polynesian Paradise!

Hello Everyone, I ended my last Blog for The World’s Greatest Vacations by promising you more about my recent amazing French Polynesian cruise experience onboard the ms Paul Gauguin of Paul Gauguin Cruises. Our 10 day voyage took us to some of the most beautiful islands in The Society Islands as well as the Tuamotus […]

Paul Gauguin Cruises and the beautiful French Polynesian Islands!

Hello Everyone, I mentioned at the end of last month’s blog that I was lucky enough to be cruising with Paul Gauguin Cruises around the French Polynesian Islands and yes, I am still coming back down to earth after that amazing experience…!!!! Firstly, allow me to state for the record that Tahiti and the surrounding […]

On Board Queen Victoria to Norway and Iceland!

Hello again, everyone! This is Captain Peter Philpott returning with my monthly blog for The World’s Greatest Vacations and this month I’m delighted to be able to write about the very first cruise I have ever taken as a genuine guest on board ship, since my retirement as Captain of Cunard Lines’ “Queen Mary 2” […]

Alicante, Spain followed by the Queen Victoria!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my monthly Blog for the World’s Greatest Vacations! It’s been a busy month since I last wrote, when the WW2 Veterans were travelling on the Transatlantic Crossing on board Queen Mary 2. I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Alicante in Spain. Apart from being a beautiful city […]

WW2 Veterans and Navigational Buoys!

Hello again everyone and welcome to my monthly blog for The World’s Greatest Vacations! As I write this and as you may have seen from the front page of this website, CEO of The World’s Greatest Vacations, Richard Shane has just boarded Queen Mary 2 in New York for another iconic Transatlantic Crossing to Southampton, […]

Travels with your pets!

Hello Everyone, Welcome again to my monthly blog in partnership with The World’s Greatest Vacations and I hope you all have a Spring in your step, as we head into exactly that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere and can all start thinking about our summertime travel plans. Many of you will have pets […]

Amazonian Travels

Hello Everyone, When I am asked what might be the most intriguing destination I have ever had the good fortune to cruise to in my career, I always say that the voyage along the Amazon River in Brazil has to be right up there near the top. I was in command of Cunard Line’s Queen […]

Nautical Tales and Sayings!

Hello Everyone, Where do all these everyday sayings come from – the ones we say regularly but don’t really think about, especially their original origins…??!! The answer is in many cases; from seagoing terms and expressions and old sailors “slang” sayings, which have over the years made their way into everyday speech. Here’s my first […]

Queen Mary 2; Queen of the Oceans

Hello Everyone, This week, a little interesting information on my last ship and the only true Ocean Liner still operating in the World today; the unique “Queen Mary 2”, affectionately known as “QM2”. If you are a traveller and you are making a “bucket list” of trips to take in your lifetime, then a voyage […]