7 Top Apps and Devices for Summer Travel


Arm yourself with these useful tools to travel smarter.

From a suitcase that charges your phone to cutting-edge noise-canceling headphones, these game-changing apps and tools aim to make travel easier.

Whether you’re planning a beach break in a tropical spot or a city adventure or a far-off locale this summer, there are plenty of tech-savvy mobile apps, tools and accessories worth bringing along for smoother travel. Aside from compact electronic devices, there are innovative travel apps and products that aim to help you navigate new destinations with ease, keep you entertained and relaxed in flight, rebook your flights and save you time and money. So savvy globetrotters, optimize your next trip with these next-gen travel gadgets and tools.

An Away Carry-On

The trendy luggage company Away, offers a variety of sleek travel bags with sturdy exterior shells and thoughtful interior touches. Available in four sizes and six different colors, the company’s classic The Carry-On design (available for $225) boasts a built-in, USB charger, so your phone and laptop are always powered up on the road. What’s more, the suitcase design offers a matte textured surface that prevents any scratches.


Freebird, a free mobile app, was founded when a group of friends were delayed 30 hours and spent thousands of dollars to return to Boston from a Denver ski trip. Co-founder Ethan Bernstein knew there were other flight options home, but no one had them. Enter Freebird, which is a first-of-its-kind mobile tool that easily rebooks passengers if their flight is canceled or significantly delayed, or if they miss a connection with any carrier for no additional cost.


Want to explore an unfamiliar city like a local? Using a GPS guide, the free Detour app (available on Android and iOS 9 and higher) contains compelling audio stories of different cities with high-quality films told by a local narrator. If you’re traveling with a group, you can even plug in three phones to sync the audio. Plus, the expert tour guides offer rich details of historic events (think: the Great Fire of London) and themed expeditions, like a Spirit & Spies tour of the nation’s capital.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The newest Bose noise-canceling headphones, QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, are available for $349.95, and provide a plush ear set with Bluetooth wireless technology built in. The cutting-edge technology offers up to 20 hours of listening, and the headband is made with Alcantara to optimize noise reduction.

A TripMate Versatile Wireless N Travel Router From Hootoo

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know the challenges of finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Enter HooToo’s wireless travel router. This router contains plenty of battery, meaning you can charge your smartphone completely three times before the router battery is drained, enabling you to keep everything charged up. Plus, you can plug in a portable hard drive to copy files from your phone or tablet. What’s more, for $39.99, HooToo’s wireless travel router will convert a wired network to a wireless network, and it can also allow you to create your own Wi-Fi network.

A G-Ro Carry-On

G-Ro, a company which grew from a successful kick-starter campaign to become a popular industry startup, offers a stylish, travel-friendly carry-on. G-Ro will not only turn heads, but it will allow you to wheel your luggage onboard easily with its oversized, durable all-terrain wheel. And the sturdy handle and multiple interior compartments, including a garment bag, means you can pack a lot of essential items into a small space without worrying about your suitcase becoming too heavy or cumbersome. Even better, G-Ro suitcases are equipped with a power pack, as well as charging plugs for up to six devices.


If you want to keep all of your essential flight, car and hotel reservation details in one place, then the free vacation-organizing app TripIt deserves a place in your smartphone. The popular app (available on Android and iOS 9 or higher) enables you to manage all of your trips in one place, add or modify your travel plans while on the go and receive real-time flight alerts. TripIt also recently unveiled a “Go Now” feature that alerts travelers when to head to the airport based on traffic patterns and flight status, making timing when to go from point A to point B a cinch. Another handy tool, the TripIt Navigator, allows you to browse the predicted costs and times for different transportation options when traveling to or from the airport, your hotel or attractions during your trip.

Article courtesy of USNews