Cruise Perception Vs Reality


It’s easy to hit someone when they’re down. What makes it worse is when it’s due to prejudice which is founded on ignorance. Prejudice is attributed to ignorance….the same holds true for cruise-shamers. These people have never walked the gangplank because of their prejudice/ignorance which is far from reality.

How many first time cruisers plan to cruise again in the next 12 months? (CLIA) An astounding 82%! And, that’s just within the year!

The growth of cruising is because the experience and value are unmatched!

How unfortunate for cruise bigots to not experience that initial sensation that comes from walking the gangplank entering a unique world of exploration, excitement, passion; as well as bells and whistles to match virtually anyone’s personality/desires.

That tingling that comes from walking into an arena or ballpark knowing there will be an exciting and stimulating sensation worth the price of admission. That buzz, but on steroids and sustained for the duration of the voyage.  Memories to be made and a pick me up that comes from escapism.

Whether cruising for a multi-generational bonding; romantic getaway; friends celebrating or a solo journey….the experience is memorable for a lifetime.

Surrounded by–but importantly not on top of–like minded people who also value their freedom and privacy. Yes, a sustained breadth of fresh air without having interaction with others is very much part of the magic!

Part of the unique beauty of a cruise vacation is that there are a plethora of cruise experiences to choose from. Literally, dozens of cruise lines and hundreds of ships, each with their own personality tailored for a particular demographic/psychographic. That’s the key, finding your ship. And, there’s no shortage of choices…

I too was a cruise virgin for the same uneducated reasons that have left many missing the magic of cruise. The lure was too great when Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 had a Greatest Generation cruise, featuring WW2 veterans. This transatlantic journey exceeded my expectations as the ship was/is in my opinion, elegant, not crowded, wonderful food, several entertainment choices, spa, running track and relaxing. The attraction of meeting WW2 heroes was the cherry on this delicious sundae.

What cruise virgins who write about what they perceive as reasons not to cruise…are simply wrong. They’re entitled to their opinion, but it should be based on facts. The term “petri dish” is incredibly offensive….do these people really believe cruise employees and cruisers would allow such a hazard? They also have fully functional hospitals on board. It’s like a person who hasn’t flown because he/she believes it’s dangerous. Of course, many times more people die in car accidents.

Regardless of an individual’s age or interests; there’s memories to be made by those seeking thrill, foodies, family time, education, exploration, decadence or spa serenity. And, virtually anywhere in the world is available for exploration.

Another cruise-virgin’s misconception is they’ve to spend a lot to score…a great cruise experience. There’s no greater vacation value than cruising.

Check list

  • Pick the right cruise for you.
  • Homework is fun! Look online at the multiple of options, narrow down your top choices.
  • First timers who are nervous…locate a trusted travel advisor. Ask him/her questions, be specific.
  • Ask about perks and incentives each cruise sailing offers. Some you need to ask for (eg. Shipboard credits, excursion discounts, etc.)
  • Cruise lines regularly run specials. Before booking, ask if a promotion is offered before you cruise, if you will receive it, too.
  • Be in the moment

Yes, the pandemic is the worst experience of our lifetime—having lived in NYC through 9/11 I never would have dreamt it possible to see a city/world shut down more than before—and we must socially distance to remain safe.

Remember this: cruise lines have their friends and family on board with you…they will only sail if/when it is safe. Passengers and crew will be screened before boarding to ensure they are Covid free. The ships will be sanitized more than stores, subways, trains or any other areas where people pass through. Cruise ships go through intense cleansing programs which surpass what governments require.

At a time when we need a happy hug….I recommend a cruise. Since losing my cruise virginity, I’ve taken three more in just one year and plan on jumping onboard when the cruise lines sail again…I hope soon. By the way, now is the time to plan and buy….prices have never been lower and cancellation policies are super flexible. Give yourself that special treat!

Richard Shane
Founder & CEO

The World’s Greatest Vacations (formerly Treasure Chest)