EU plans to require travel authorization in mid-2025


The EU’s long-delayed travel authorization system is now scheduled to go into effect in spring 2025, according to a new timeline adopted by the European Council.

The program, called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) would require visitors to Schengen Area countries to fill out a form ahead of travel that would be used to screen them for security or migration risks.

It will apply to travelers between the ages of 18 and 70, will cost around $8 and be valid for two years. The U.K. is implementing its own system on a separate timeline called the Electronic Travel Authorization. (The U.S. has its own program called the Electronic System Travel Authorization, which has been in place for several years).

The EU system was originally planned to take effect in 2021 and more recently was expected to start in 2024, although many in the industry didn’t expect it to take place until late in the year at the earliest.

And no start date is guaranteed: An FAQ about the program on the ETIAS website merely says: “It is expected that the European Travel Information and Authorization System will be operational from mid-2025.”

Courtesy of Travel Weekly

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