Exploring Antarctica in Ultra-Luxury aboard the Seabourn Venture: A Life-Changing Experience


Richard Shane
Founder and CEO
The World’s Greatest Vacations

Seabourn’s ultra-luxury expedition ship Venture is fresh out of the box, a shiny new toy created specifically with Antarctica in mind…. my expectations were high as Seabourn is the gold standard for ultra-luxury cruising.

Seabourn Venture

Venture and Antarctica are a perfect match as both are authentic, beautiful, exclusive, and rewarding. To “do” Antarctica, it’s essential to get it right. The destination is inspiring, with words challenging to describe its inspirational atmosphere. It’s worth the effort to get to the bottom of the world, and Seabourn ensures your journey is smooth, even before arriving on the ship. The vast, pristine landscapes and unique wildlife make it an extraordinary place to visit.

Penguins in Antarctica

Seabourn ultra-luxury cruises feature all-suite accommodations and a high staff-to-guest ratio. The ships are sophisticated and offer luxurious amenities, such as multiple elegant dining options, spa, and fitness center that rival any NYC or LA offers. Spacious and well-appointed suites rival any city’s finest apartment with your own terrace to watch the virgin beauty of Antarctica in awe.

The expedition team consists of PhDs, university professors, and world-recognized scientists who joyfully mingle with guests while not leading expeditions.

Expedition team

Fine dining is complimented with open bars featuring top-shelf brands. Mixing in enrichment lectures and Broadway-caliber entertainment, the Seabourn experience is not just onboard the ship but carried for a lifetime.

Antarctica is a remote and inhospitable continent with no permanent human settlements. However, it is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including penguins, seals, and whales. Visitors to Antarctica can also see massive glaciers and ice formations and the unique landscape created by centuries of erosion from ice and wind. Additionally, Antarctica offers opportunities for scientific research, and visitors may be able to visit research stations and learn about ongoing projects.

Cierva Cove Kayaking Coulson and Tennant

Venture is equipped with more than two dozen Zodiac boats to bring lucky passengers to explore the terrain with the team of historians, geologists, and ornithologists.

Oh, and two submarines!!

While being ultra-luxury, the adventure is not “stiff .”About 25% of the passengers opted to take Seabourn’s “Polar Plunge,” jumping into the Antarctic Ocean with water temperature below 32 degrees! (salt water doesn’t freeze at 32).

Jumping into freezing water

Lastly, it’s an oxymoron to say an ultra-luxury cruise is a value but….what price tag do you put on a life-changing experience to which you’ll embrace forever. Seabourn Venture, thank you for the gift of joy.