Marathon’s Require Strategy, Preparation and Perspective


Having run several marathons around the world; from the bridges and boroughs of NYC to the hills and history of Jerusalem I’ve learned strategy is key along with preparedness.

The Covid race is not in a sprint to the finish, but a marathon…. and for us in vacation travel, it’s an uphill race which is particularly painful and challenging. Maybe we walk a portion but know, failure is to an option…we will finish, be better professionals because of it and have that runners high that comes from knowing you’ve accomplished your goal.

Marathon runners help each other on the course….we hand off water to one another, get out of the way when someone wants to pass, even pick up a fellow runner when he or she falls, believing the race is over but the fellow competitor won’t let their “colleague” quit.

Leisure travel is in an uphill marathon, a course more challenging than 9/1.To win requires perspective and unity among all of us. Competitors becoming teammates assisting one another. It’s not a speed race, rather finish feeling good about yourself.

In vacation travel, we know how valuable time is…We are not wired to let precious time pass with a lack of productivity. Destination chasing is typically the therapy for life’s challenges whether it’s a tropical paradise, cultural exploration or port hopping. That escape has been pulled from us and a double hit when we see our livelihood and security is in jeopardy.

The trifecta of; pandemic + economic free fall + justifiable social frustration = an unnerving lens into the immediate future.

Our beloved industry is likely to be last to fully recover. People are afraid to travel outside their immediate comfort zone; in close quarters and reluctant to spend discretionary income during uncertain times. I recently published this article pushing back at cruise naysayers. Cruise Perception vs Realty

Here’s a significant industry assist as we run this marathon together.

Media has an opportunity and therefore responsibility to help our community. So, The World’s Greatest Vacations is providing our industry partners/suppliers with up to 1,000,000 targeted digital media impressions; every week, through September and maybe longer, if helpful.

Let consumers know what you’re doing, when you’re opening and how to take advantage of flexible bookings and great rates. Our multiple channels, site and newsletter are yours to tap into.

In addition, as staff cuts are now the unfortunate norm, our team of digital, design and marketing experts are the industry’s to tap into. We’ve highly talented individuals in the states and Europe who can also provide photo/videography on your behalf. We are here to help, please don’t be shy.

This is my third decade in luxury media/marketing and I’m also a medical miracle…building my company despite having 20 seizures every month, for 22 years. After two brain surgeries, I’m now one of only a few people cured of epilepsy. Failure is never an option, we control our destiny/marathon and will win. And with a much stronger appreciation for our special industry.

It’s not lip service….we genuinely want to be helpful, don’t hesitate to see if we can be of assistance. Wishing us all a better future, soon. Be safe,

Richard Shane

Founder and CEO The World’s Greatest Vacations