Don’t Bully NYC


New York, New York, the city so great it’s named twice.

Sure, it’s easy to kick someone when they’re down…the whole world is down right now…why not pick on Peoria? (Sorry Peoria, but, you know…) Bullies bully to make themselves feel better about themselves…taking shots at others because of their own shortcomings (eg. POTUS).

Sure, Broadway is dark, the energy which is New York is missing…so are the millions of tourists whose enthusiasm help ignite that bright light of Manhattan.

Walking NYC today…it’s sort of like visiting a loved one when he or she is sick….you don’t love them any less and tend to appreciate their DNA when they’re healthy. New York too, lacks the strength that it usually has…but, no less of a love story for The Big Apple.

How would you feel if your house suddenly stopped working all of a sudden, no fault of your own? No power, no visitors, limited dining options, no entertainment, and little on the horizon to be excited about?

New York, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere….. Not everyone can survive here, so it’s NYC’s Darwinian way of keeping only the fittest, strongest, true NY’ers, which makes/keeps our city the country’s most traveled to destination.

I too look forward to the City…country and world to become healthy again. Remember when the pandemic first came to the States? NYC was the epicenter…people waiting hours outside of emergency rooms. Tents in Central Park to accommodate COVID stricken patients. Today, NYC is the model for a successful approach to the crisis….an infection rate under 1%, better than any major city in the world.

Crime is up in parts of New York City…in the same sections where the pandemic caused the most significant harm. The same is true throughout the world.

If you want to bully NYC…it’s going to take more than a pandemic to get us down….thank you for those who have left, the City was getting too crowded…because of course, we are the greatest city in the world.

Richard Shane

Founder and CEO The World’s Greatest Vacations