Safest Place During Covid


About 16% of the US population has Covid, NYC is greater than 20%. What if there’s a place with only a 0.02% Covid rate and considerably more comfortable than isolating at home?

Since June of this year, more than 1.1 million guests have cruised aboard Royal Caribbean Group ships, with 1,745 testing positive.

Chairman and CEO Richard Fain said: ‘We don’t like to see even one case, but our experience is a fraction of the comparable statistics of virtually any other comparable location or industry.

‘Few businesses are subject to such intense scrutiny, regulation, and disclosure requirements by so many authorities, and we welcome that scrutiny because of our commitment to safety.’

I respect the CDC and its medical professionals they got it very wrong as it relates to cruising.

Richard Shane,
Founder and CEO,
The World’s Greatest Vacations