State Department reopens online passport renewal, but it’s limited


Online passport renewal is back, but only for a limited number of applicants and a limited period of time.

The State Department reopened the online renewal portal this week, which will accept a limited number of daily applicants. The program will run during the next several months, the State Department said, so it can monitor the system’s performance, calling it a beta release that is a standard part of the software development process.

The portal will open every day at midday and accept a limited number of applications, an amount that was not disclosed. Among the requirements to apply online are that the passport being renewed was valid for 10 years; applicants are 25 or older; and no travel is expected for at least 8 weeks from the date of application as the program does not offer expedited processing.

The State Department launched a similar program in 2022 that closed more than a year ago. The travel industry has long lamented the growing wait for new passports, which were taking up to eight weeks to process in the last year.

Courtesy of Travel Weekly

image of a hand holding a US passport