Costa’s loyalty club offers a world of perks and privileges to guests


CostaClub is Costa’s official loyalty club, ideal for avid cruisers and foodies alike. What’s special about CostaClub? Members don’t need to have ever sailed aboard a Costa ship to be a part of it, and it’s completely free to join.
Costa treats its loyalty members exceptionally. The more they cruise, the more they accumulate special offers, upgrades and privileges; loyalty is rewarded with real benefits. Being a member is all about enhancing the cruising experience with exclusive amenities and services.
CostaClub is made up of six levels (Ambra, Perla, Perla Oro, Acquamarina, Corallo and Perla Diamante), and each level comes with new and exciting additions. Even brand new members will enjoy some perks; they’ll be made to feel special with a welcome gift introducing them to cruising aboard Italy’s Finest.
Perks include everything from delicious dinners for two at the specialty restaurants on board, to onboard credit that can be spent on shore excursions, cocktails, spa services, onboard shopping and more. If a member celebrates a birthday on board, they’ll be gifted with a special cake and a photo to take home as a memory of the milestone.
The crown jewel of the club – members belonging to the Acquamarina, Corallo and Perla levels who take one more cruise during the current year than they did in the previous will be upgraded for free to the best cabin category available. The same applies to guests belonging to the Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Clubs, only these members will be traveling in a Suite!
For more details about CostaClub, the perks and privileges of each level, earning points and registering, please visit CostaClub.