Costa’s signature décor includes priceless art, provides incredible opportunity for artists


Costa’s guests can expect a sailing experience filled with breathtaking destinations, genuine Italian cuisine, lively entertainment, the chance to make friends from across the world, and exposure to some of the finest works of art.

The line’s passion for architecture and design is reflected in its furnishings and vibrant interiors. Guido Canali and Joseph Farcus are just two of the renowned architects who have contributed their creative genius to the design of the ships, each inspired by a different element of the Italian tradition.

The art on board, in conjunction with the interior design and architecture, blend to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that can be found on each and every one of the ships.

The ships function as floating exhibitions, offering incredible opportunity for artists, as millions of guests sail each year. The exposure is priceless and unparalleled. Milo Manara, Omar Galliani, and Mimmo Paladino name just of few of the artists featured.

From painting and photography to sculpture and glass, a variety of mediums adorn each ship. The artists are given freedom of expression with their unique pieces, which are multifaceted in purpose, each functioning as both décor and a testament to history.

Over 4,500 original masterpieces can be seen on the 15 ships of Costa’s fleet. To learn more about the art aboard Costa’s ships, please visit this link.