13 Scary-but-Awesome Viewing Platforms


In July, the world’s newest vertigo-inducing observation deck opened in the mountains in Austria. It joins an adrenaline-inducing roll call of clever platforms offering spectacular views.

1. Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness (Austria). Visitors to Dachstein’s Stairway to Nothingness must first cross Austria’s highest bridge, which is 328 feet (100 meters) long and straddles a drop of 1,300 feet (396 meters). They then face 14 steps that descend from the cliff face and which are surrounded by glass walls. The entire structure took six months to build and was created by an engineering firm specializing in high-altitude construction. The bridge that leads to the steps is the highest in Austria.

2. Tokyo Skytree observation decks (Japan). The Tokyo Skytree is the world’s third-tallest structure, with a height of 2,080 feet (634 meters), and has Japan’s two tallest observation decks: the lower one is located at 1,148 feet (350 meters) and has a section of glass flooring. The upper one, which has floor-to-ceiling windows and 360-degree-views of the city, has a height of 1476 feet (450 meters).  On a clear day, Mount Fuji can be seen from the observation decks.

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