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MegaSuitesLiving large: New cruise ship’s swanky mega-suites

ABOARD QUANTUM OF THE SEAS — Want to see how the other half lives when sailing the world’s oceans? Take a cruise through the photos above and video below, which offer a first look at the mega-suites on Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum of the Seas.  Click image to read more.

travelersphrases5 phrases all travelers should purge forever

If you travel, you’re probably so used to hearing certain catchphrases that you’ve become desensitized to them.  But it isn’t the obvious marketing-speak, like calling your skies “friendly” or your destination “100% pure” that you have to listen for. The most dangerous adages are the ones you use.  Click image to read more.

Unpopular17 Places To Travel Before They Get Famous

In a world of tourist traps, letdowns, overrated destinations and just plain crowds, it’s no wonder we’ve become victims of some major travel burnout.  Click image to read more.


FundingHow to Fund Your Travel Lifestyle

The biggest excuse for not traveling more often is because we think we don’t have enough money.  Chances are slim that you’ll win the lottery, strike it rich in a hot technology IPO, or have trust funds waiting for you to cash in. Most of us are in the grind of earning and burning with no end in sight.  Click image to read more.

CreepNew app allows you to creep on fellow airplane passengers

Want to find out more about your flying companion during your next flight?  Now, you don’t even have to talk to your seatmates to get all the details you want.  Quicket, a travel app that bills itself as a “one-stop-app for all your travel needs,” has unveiled a new feature that allows travelers to browse through Facebook profiles of fellow passengers.  Click image to read more.

CarnivalCarnival Promises At-Sea Internet That Cruises

When it comes to disconnecting from the outside world, there’s nothing like a cruise — just ask anyone who has ever tried to access the Internet at sea.  Click image to read more.