7 Super-Extravagant U.S. Cruises


For not-so-intrepid travelers, cruises are perfect. Outside of getting yourself to the departure port, you don’t need to plan anything to have a successful trip. To make that ocean-going vacation as effortless as possible, we’ve assembled a list of the cushiest cruises departing from the United States.

Linblad Expeditions, Alaska cruise. With 340,000 miles of some of the Western Hemisphere’s most awe-inspiring coastline, you’ll realize why the U.S. government dished out $7.2 million to take Alaska off Russia’s hands. True, the scenery had little to do with the controversial purchase then known as “Seward’s Folly,” but it’s now one of the country’s greatest assets. One of the most engaging ways to explore this national treasure is with Lindblad Expeditions and its partner, National Geographic. Experts in marine biology, geology and botany take travelers out into the ocean on smaller crafts and provide an intimate look at glaciers, grizzly and marine life. An underwater hydrophone allows guests to listen to the songs of whales, orcas and dolphins.

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