Amazing Tower Hotel Suites Around the World


THE AVIARYWheatleigh, Lenox, Massachusetts. When Leonard Bernstein conducted at the Tanglewood music festival, just down the lane, this two-story tower was turned into his summer studio, with a grand piano squeezed through the ground-floor doorway. Nowadays, couples shown into the Aviary, separated from the Italianate main house by a limestone loggia, are likely to burst into song themselves: A spiral staircase leads from the honey-walled sitting room, outfitting with a BeoVision 9-50 entertainment system, up to a treehouse-like bedroom with views of the Berkshire hills, and a wowser of a bath encased largely in glass.

HE TOWER SUITE . Thornbury Castle, Glouceshire, England. The only Tudor castle in England that takes paying guests, Thornbury is appropriately accessorized with suits of armor and heraldic flags. No less impressive a couple than Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited and wandered the grounds, though they certainly didn’t climb the 77 circular stone steps that lead to a suite centerpieced by the widest four-poster in the country.

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