Take the Hike and Climb Challenge in St. Kitts


Ever wondered if you could hike through the beautiful rainforest in St. Kitts and climb the famous Mt. Liamuiga over a long weekend, even from the UK? Check out the itinerary for a fantastic challenge.

Travel from London (Gatwick), departing and arriving in St. Kitts on Wednesday on the scheduled British Airways flight; acclimatize and eat lots on Thursday, then on Friday take a full day’s hike through the lush rainforest of St. Kitts and up to the crater of dormant volcano, Mt Liamuiga. Relax your aching legs before departure on the next BA scheduled flight out on Saturday.

Details: At 3,792 high or 1,156 meters, a rainforest hike followed by the climb is a must-do activity if just for the pure wonderment of climbing this untouched gem.

Nearly one quarter of the island is rainforest and hikers will find a variety of trails, ranging from moderate to challenging, winding past tropical plants and flowers, streams and waterfalls all under a seemingly endless canopy of forest. After hiking through the exotic rainforest, about 3 hours, the climb to the volcanic crater rim awaits (another 3 hours or so), for a panoramic view of the ‘salad bowl’ beneath and spectacular views around.

Relax – have a packed lunch before descending carefully down.


1. Often called the “Giants Salad Bowl”, the crater itself is stunning with lushly forested steep sides, and on the crater floor far below are steaming sulphur vents surrounded by its own rainforest with a shallow freshwater lake in the middle.
2. Watch clouds being ‘sucked’ into the crater bowl
3. Don’t miss the spectacular panoramic views of neighbouring islands
4. Look out for the huge variety of flora and fauna and bird species to be found on the way up.
5. Find out more at www.stkittstourism.kn