The Best of Both Worlds


When choosing a Caribbean destination for an outdoor adventure, it’s easy to think that one island is just like any other. But with a combination of stunning beaches, cosmopolitan lifestyle and colonial history, Curaçao is the Caribbean like you’ve never seen it before.

A UNESCO World Heritage City is a rare gem in the Caribbean – but with the history and culture you’d expect from a European capital, Willemstad has more than earned the title. Of all the exciting things to do right now in Curaçao, Willemstad itself may offer the most unique experience in the region. The city’s Dutch colonial ancestry is evident at every turn, most notably in Punda’s kaleidoscopic, sherbet-colored architecture, which you won’t find anywhere else in the world outside of the Netherlands.

If the beach is more your speed, Curaçao has you covered – and if you’re looking to get away from the crowds, you’ll never feel cramped. Nestled into a cove on the opposite side of Christoffel Park, Playa Kenepa is as spectacular as any beach in the Caribbean; just down the shore, the breathtaking cliffs of Playa Forti are must-see. In all there are over 35 beaches around the island – but wherever your journey takes you, you’ll know you’re seeing the Caribbean the way it was meant to be seen.

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