5 Reasons to Visit Passau


A breathtaking city located on the convergence of three rivers, Passau’s Baroque and Gothic architecture combine with its winding cobbled streets to create a romantic experience. Here’s five reasons why you should visit Passau, Germany:

The Three Rivers


The convergence of the blue Danube, green Inn & black Ilz rivers in Passau established the ‘city of three rivers’ as an important trading center in ancient times, particularly for salt. Previously more valuable than currency, it became referred to as ‘white gold.’ The word salary derives from the Latin version salarium, that has the root sal, or salt. For ancient Romans, it meant the amount of money paid to soldiers to purchase salt.

Veste Oberhaus


Founded in 1219, the Veste Oberhaus fortress sits atop St. George’s Mountain next to the Danube overlooking the convergence of three rivers & Passau. Presently, it houses a hostel, museum, theatre and restaurant.

The Pilgrimage Church of Mariahilf


Built in 1627, 321 pilgrimage steps, referred to as the “heavenly ladder,” lead from the Innstadt to the Church of Mariahilf. Along the staircase, pilgrims kneel and pray on each step all the way to the top.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral


Over 1000 angel statues decorate this baroque church finished in 1688. St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Passau has been dedicated to Saint Stephen and houses the world’s largest the cathedral organ.

Go Danceclub

Go Danceclub has the best party atmosphere in Passau and you’ll definitely enjoy the Asian ambiance and all the room to relax and dance. I recommend coming around 12.


If you have the opportunity to visit these destinations in Passau, enjoy yourself and let me know what you think!


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Author: Max Bornstein
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