Discover Another Planet on Lanzarote



The Canary Island of Lanzarote formed off the coast of Africa from volcanic eruptions and because of its other worldly landscapes has been the site of many films. Here’s why this UNESCO Biosphere reserve warrants a visit:

Town of Yaiza


Awarded the title of prettiest village in Spain twice, you’ll experience life on Lanzarote by strolling through its streets and enjoying the views of the surrounding landscape.

Timanfaya National Park


You’ll feel as if you’re on another planet in Timanfaya National Park. Breathtaking views set against beautifully contrasting ochre, orange & black volcanic rocks will leave you in awe.

César Manrique

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Seeing Lanzarote’s potential as a tourist destination, architect & artist César Manrique lobbied to ensure buildings remain short & use traditional colors. He endeavored to integrate art and nature, which resulted in many works throughout the island and the home he built into volcanic rock. Discover more of his creations at the Jardin de Cactus, Jameos del Agua, & Mirador del Rio viewpoint.

La Geria


Elsewhere on the island & what appears to be a new world, you’ll see rolling hills of circular depressions surrounded by stone walls developed to shield Malvasia grape vines from drying winds and collect water. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy the savory Designation of Origin wines produced here.

Cueva de los Verdes

cueva-de-los-verdes-2 cueva-de-los-verdes

3,000 years ago, lava flowing from the Monte Corona volcano formed caves that natives used to seek refuge from pirates & raiders. Rusting iron and sea salt have created magnificent shades of ochre and green throughout the caves. If you have the opportunity, attend a performance in the cave’s intimate concert hall.

I also enjoyed the island’s surreal views along its exceptional cycling routes. After, I ventured over to the island of La Graciosa, just off the coast, to swim in its crystal-clear waters. Lanzarote has a natural beauty unlike anywhere else.

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Author: Max Bornstein
Based in Miami, Florida, Max Bornstein extensively explores the globe developing a wealth of cultural knowledge. He began traveling at a young age and has visited over fifty countries and sailed on over forty cruises. Currently, Max utilizes his Master of International Business as Realtor and simultaneously writes about his travels.