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Our 2017 and 2018 Special Event Cruises have been expertly curated to fit your taste. These unique event cruises include expert speakers, insightful activities and exclusive events on board plus an array of related bespoke shore excursions in selected ports of call.

Featured Special Events

Transatlantic Fashion Week
7 Nights ♦ August 31, 2017 (M732B) ♦ Queen Mary 2

Revel in the glamour and unforgettable special occasions as you sail across the Atlantic from London for the start of New York Fashion Week. You can also enjoy an array of fashion shows, exhibitions, audiences with our special guests, hosted dinners and more, plus showcase collections from graduates of The Royal College of Art.

World Space Week
7 Nights ♦ October 6, 2017 (M737) ♦ Queen Mary 2

Join Queen Mary 2’s first Space Week voyage from New York to London. Meet acclaimed speakers from the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace and astronautics and enjoy live space shows at the world’s only Planetarium at sea.

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Visit www.cunard.com/cruise-types/event-cruises/. All entertainment and enrichment programming is subject to change without notice. In the event of such changes in schedule or performers, Cunard will not be liable to compensate guests. Any guests who elect to cancel their voyage will be subject to cancellation charges in accordance with our booking policies. Further information on the entertainment and enrichment programming schedule will be posted on www.cunard.com as it becomes available.