Live for Lisbon with Collette


Lisbon might have once been the best kept secret in Europe, but the secret is out. Lisbon has all the history, architecture, art, scenic beauty, and nightlife of other major European cities, and travelers are realizing that Portugal’s stunning capital city can’t be overlooked.

Lisbon was built on seven hills, giving it a uniquely rolling feeling as neighborhoods rise and fall into peaks and valleys. Because of the unique layout, Lisbon has built a great public transportation system that’s both cheap and easy to use. Hop on the trolleys or hail a tuk-tuk, and have it whisk you to your destination. Make sure to stop in the ancient Alfama district, an area full of cafes, boutiques, and quaint bars.

Cuisine in Lisbon is fresh, varied, and all-around delicious. Being next to the sea, it’s important to make sure you sample the seafood while you’re there, and the locals are especially in love with their cod. You can find it fried, breaded, in cakes, and as a filet. Looking for a sweet treat for after dinner? Portugal has world-famous bakeries, and they are serving up custard tarts that could be the best in the world.

To say that Lisbon is a historic city doesn’t do it justice. Perhaps the best example of Lisbon’s proud and historic legacy is Belém Tower. This striking fortification was raised on the bank of the Tagus river in the 16th century, and has been protecting Lisbon ever since. The Tower was labeled a UNESCO Heritage site, and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, so it’s a can’t-miss landmark if you’re exploring Lisbon.

Lisbon is an incredible city, and it’s well worth taking some time to explore the unique blend of history and modern living.

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