Southern Italy and Sicily: Three Places You Need to Visit


Italy has drawn the adventurous traveler since ancient times, but there’s always something new and exciting to explore. We’ve gathered up three can’t-miss experiences in Southern Italy and Sicily.

  1. The historic city of Palermo might be the capital of Sicily, but scattered among the narrow streets are true wonders to behold. The unique blend of Moorish, Norman, and Spanish Baroque architecture gives this place a unique look and feel. Our favorite place in Palermo? The beautiful halls of La Martorana church. Stunningly intricate, the church is a cross-section of different cultures that have shaped Sicily over the years.
  2. To feel the true weight of Sicily’s history, there’s only one place to go. Outside of Agrigento, there is a place where the ancient lives side-by-side with the modern world. In the Valley of the Temples, you can walk among ancient structures dating back more than a thousand years. The Temple of Concordia is so well preserved you can almost envision the crowds of ancient people who once gathered there.
  3. If you want to get a true taste of Italy, there’s no better way than traveling to the limoncello factory in Minori. There, you’ll be able to sample the citrus liqueur right at the source, from the factory that is still family owned and operated. Sipping on the lemon liqueur after a hearty Italian dinner is truly something you have to try for yourself.

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