There’s No Off-Season in Europe!



Often, many incorrectly consider the “off-season” in Europe to be a bad time to travel. Not true! In fact, Collette considers traveling November through April to be the IDEAL time of the year to explore a variety of destinations. Visiting Europe during these months allows travelers to enjoy a relaxed pace and spend more time interacting with locals without the massive crowds that come with iconic spots. That means less time waiting and more time actually experiencing the historic sites.
There’s so much to see, and with options like the Cathedral of Seville (a UNESCO World Heritage site), sailing along the enchanting Amalfi Coast, the exploring the impressive Rothschild Villa and Gardens, there’s plenty to see and do while enjoying the milder temperatures. Care to relax alongside a seaside palazzo overlooking the Mediterranean? Perhaps a beautiful cruise over to Murano to visit a glass-making factory and watch the world’s most spectacular blown glass being artfully crafted sounds delightful?

Take a look at these uniquely prepared tours which will whisk you away from the cold, and into amazing lands just waiting to be discovered.

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