What You Didn’t Know About Eating and Drinking in Ireland


Ireland’s food scene has undergone an exciting revival, making it one of Europe’s most talked-about food destinations. Here are a few fantastic culinary attractions that you and your palate should not miss when visiting Ireland.

Irish Cuisine
Irish food is deeply comforting cuisine that’s known for freshness, simplicity and heartiness, but the food scene in Ireland has evolved beyond simple stews and potato dishes. You can find Michelin-starred restaurants all over the island as well as top cooking schools and markets. Find interesting modern twists on traditional favorites while on tour in Dublin and Belfast.

The craft beer industry in Ireland is flourishing with Bo Bristle, Hilden and Brú Brewery as just a few stand outs. Tour Smithwick’s in Kilkenny for a taste of a brew that’s taken 300 years to perfect. The Irish also take their whiskey very seriously, so don’t forget to tour the Jameson distillery in Dublin or Cork as well as Bushmill’s whiskey in Northern Ireland. It’s the oldest working distillery on the island.

Also of interest is the artisan gin scene emerging from small distilleries like Dingle Distillery in County Kerry and ShortCross Gin in County Down. You might also want to seek out award winning AJ apple juice made from freshly pressed Armagh apples for an extra treat.

Of course, no visit to Ireland is complete without a sip of Guinness. What started out as a dark ale 250 years ago has evolved into a dark stout that people enjoy all over the world. In fact, over 10 million glasses of Guinness are enjoyed every day around the globe. Pop into a pub and enjoy a pint alongside wonderful food and warm company. You’ll also want to visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin to learn how it’s made.

Collette’s Shades of Ireland featuring Northern Ireland and Irish Splendor tours both include a night of traditional Irish fare plus entertainment. You definitely get the full experience and will return home with a heart full of warm memories and a belly full of really great food and drink.