Packing Like A Pro


In the process of journeying around the globe I re-discovered the ancient art of packing, a skill previously lost to mankind. Luggage as we know it has come a long way from the trunks originating in ancient Egypt and the Victorian era, which functioned quite practically when voyaging on ships or riding trains. However, in this modern world where flights bring you anywhere, the trunks of the past have given way to tiny carry-on luggage. Regardless of the length of your travels, a plethora of reasons abound as to why you should fit everything in the carry-on and personal item the airlines graciously ration you.
Implement these practices to travel stress free:



Use a light weight, sturdy, strong suitcase with a great set of wheels. This ensures its ability to carry the load you intend on stuffing in it without the zipper ripping. Before starting to pack, make a list of what you need to bring.

The Roll


Tightly rolling clothes nearly doubles a suitcase’s storage volume. Strategically placing clothes maximizes storage capacity. Put shoes in plastic bags to prevent them from dirtying clothes. If you’re not a Tetris pro, packing cubes might help. Remember, leave extra space for any purchases you want to bring back.



Instead of wondering how many shirts, socks, boxers, etcetera to bring, pack outfits based on the length of your travels.



Pack plastic bags for dirty clothes and purchases. Re-roll dirty clothes, placing them in plastic bags with dryer sheets; when it’s time to depart everything fits back neatly and clean clothes stay clean. Put toiletries in a water proof bag to prevent accidental spills or leaks from ruining clothes. Only bring liquids in 3 ounce containers or less to avoid problems with airport security. Toiletries can be purchased at your destination. Bring a multi-plug universal adapter to ensure you can charge electronics anywhere.

Protect Your Suits & Gowns


Instead of rolling expensive suits & gowns, place them in the plastic garment bags dry cleaners return clothes in. Once the suitcase has been packed, lay the suits & gowns on top then zip it shut.

We Can’t Forget The “Personal Item”


You must capitalize on this allowance! For my personal item, I bring a lightweight backpack with a strong structure that holds nearly two thirds of what my carry-on does and still fits perfectly under the seat in front of me. It even holds my laptop, electronic accessories, extra shoes, and random items nicely.
Checking luggage for a flight, instead of carrying it on, creates numerous uncontrollable variables such as luggage being lost, luggage not making it on a connecting flight, excessive waiting at baggage claim, etc. A good suitcase will easily glide a heavy load down an airport terminal. Ensure the safety of your property and travel stress free by packing wisely and efficiently.

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Author: Max Bornstein
Based in Miami, Florida, Max Bornstein extensively explores the globe developing a wealth of cultural knowledge. He began traveling at a young age and has visited over fifty countries and sailed on over forty cruises. Currently, Max utilizes his Master of International Business as Realtor and simultaneously writes about his travels.