Exotic Destinations!


Discover the city of Dubai and let Collette be your guide to one of the most exotic locations the world has to offer.

We invite you to come to know the magnificent city of Dubai. Famous for its towering architectural wonders, beautiful coastline and luxurious ambiance, this vibrant oasis has emerged as a global business and cultural hub. With its booming economy and rich blend of cultures, Dubai is unlike anywhere else on the globe.

Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi | 11-12 Days | $3,699* pp

From immeasurable opulence to ancient cultures, uncover the treasures of the fascinating countries of the United Arab Emirates and Oman. In Abu Dhabi, explore the sprawling Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, a symbol of the diversity in the Islamic world. At the largest falcon hospital in UAE, explore its museum to learn the falcon’s importance to Arabian culture.

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