Looking for the Local Experience? Collette has you Covered


Have you imagined what everyday life is like in another country? Now is your chance to find out. Go beyond the ordinary tourist experience and get a chance to see how the locals live through homestays, hands-on culinary experiences, and family farm visits. When you tour with Collette you have the opportunity to experience everyday life as if you were a local yourself.
Exploring New Zealand|21 Days| $4,949* pp
Become “one of the family” as you enjoy an overnight stay on a working New Zealand farm
Tuscan and Umbrian Countryside|11 Days| $2,649* pp
Enjoy a home-cooked meal at one of Umbria’s country homes while dining with a local family
Best of China| 14 Days| $2,049* pp
Meet a Chinese calligraphy master and learn how to write using this ancient art
Shades of Ireland|10 Days| $1,649* pp
Meet an Irish family during a visit to a working Irish farm. Enjoy homemade scones and tea while they explain their everyday life
Highlights of Morocco| 11 Days| $2,449*
Join a Berber family in their home for a traditional cup of tea and a taste of the real Berber life
Spain’s Classics| 11 Days| $1,849* pp
A “paella experience” features a boat ride on the canals surrounding rice field plantations; a visit to a traditional fisherman’s home known as a “barraca;” a paella-making demonstration and an authentic paella lunch
These are intimate, personal, and cultural opportunities you can only discover with Collette so don’t miss out!
To book your tour, visit Collette or call 855-370-8687.
*Rates listed are starting rates, per person, land only, double occupancy.