Honoring America’s Heritage and History with Collette


Collette - 5.19

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have contributed to our country’s history, independence and security. What better way to commemorate those who defended our country then to travel to the many iconic sites where they so bravely fought?

Major tour operator Collette offers a variety of tours that jump into the pages of history and pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.

Tours include:

  • Heritage of America, 10 days, starting at $2,249*: Tour Gettysburg, site of the Union victory that marked a turning point in the Civil War. Visit the presidential estates of Washington’s Mount Vernon and Jefferson’s Monticello. Explore some of Colonial Williamsburg’s 88 restored historic buildings Travel to Philadelphia and embark on a tour of “the Birthplace of a New Nation,” which highlights the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.


  • Washington, D.C., 7 days, starting at $1,699*: View the extraordinary monuments throughout the National Mall that commemorate the heroes who have shaped our past, including the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. Join a local guide at the U.S. Naval Academy for a tour of this distinguished military training ground. Visit Fort McHenry in Baltimore where Francis Scott Key was inspired to pen the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Learn about Ford’s Theatre, where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, too.


  • Memorials of War: Normandy & Paris, 10 days, starting at $2,549*: Embark on a city tour of Paris and learn about life during the German occupation. Visit Omaha Beach, the Omaha Memorial Museum and the U.S. Military Cemetery. Visit the Caen Memorial Museum, built to commemorate the Battle of Normandy.

To learn more, call 855-370-8687 or visit http://www.gocollette.com.

*Rates are land only, per person, double occupancy.