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Travel writer, blogger and author, Meghann Foye has logged time in more than 40 countries writing for Travel+Leisure, Business Traveler, and and shares the new way she loves to travel.
“Click” moments. As a travel journalist, I’ve come to discover that there is nothing better than that moment when you finally stop thinking about the stresses of daily life and begin to immerse yourself in the people, places and unique cultural experiences around you.
But getting “lost” can take a lot of planning. DIY ing it can quickly become a nightmare of information overload. I recently discovered a great guided vacation removes all the stressful aspects of travel, such as booking multiple hotels, and introduces you to places you’d never find on your own. You get to have real conversations with colorful locals who’ll give you an insider’s view of their city. At its heart, a great guided vacation is one that makes you feel welcomed as a guest, even like a VI P as you breeze past lines. And the one I’ve found that provides the most authentic experiences with the best value is Trafalgar, the guided vacation expert for almost 70 years.
On my trip to Britain with Trafalgar, their on-the-ground Local Specialists were the true insiders with close personal connections and a pride to share their country. In Liverpool, a local teacher treated us to a pint and plenty of stories at the famed Cavern Club, where John, Paul, George and Ringo got their start 50 years ago. And at Alnwick Garden, a sprawling and inspiring landscape set around a 900-year-old castle, the groundskeeper showed us around personally. In London, a local reporter shared her love of the emerging neighborhood behind King’s Cross and St. Pancras train stations, filled with hidden artists lofts, shops and trendy cafes. In each case, their passion could be felt.

Accommodations can make or break a trip. Trafalgar’s longstanding relationships with the most storied and centrally-located hotels always mean a comfortable and relaxing stay. Every little need is taken care of, from tipping and making sure your bags are transported each morning to the ultra comfortable coach.
But best of all, Travel Directors seem to have a sixth sense to make sure everyone on trip is having these magical “click” moments. Because what is a trip without someone to help you flip the switch?
Find your magical “click” moments and bring home the best moments and memories on your 2016 Europe vacation. Take advantage of Trafalgar’s best deal, 10% early payment savings if you book by 12/17/15.
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