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luxurycruise7 awesome perks of sailing with a luxury cruise line

There are lots of cool perks that come with cruising on a luxury ship. Beyond the gourmet meals and private shore excursions, though, what really defines the experience is the service. Your suitcases will be unpacked before you realize they made it to your room, and you won’t have to think twice about making dinner reservations, even on land … but that’s only the beginning. Read more.

hotelamenities14 ridiculous hotel amenities

Private pools, flat-screen TVs, mega liquor bottles.  Been there, seen it, drunk that.  Hotel amenities these days are as much a ploy to get you to gush about them to your friends back home as they are to make your stay comfortable.  Read more.

CheapVacayHow to take a great (and cheap!) vacation

Breaking away from the grind in favor of long-term travel is more financially accessible than many people think.  Being frugal did the trick for me, allowing me to travel for most of 2013. If it’s a priority, you can make it happen. Here’s how I did it.  Read more.

CharityCruisingCharity cruises: enjoy yourself while giving back

When you take a cruise you don’t necessarily have to leave the real world behind. Before or after you enjoy rum drinks, explore the buffet, luxuriate in the spa and join the conga line there is opportunity to give back.  Read more.


NudeBeachFrance Declares Topless Sunbathing Out, Coverage In

If you’re headed to the French Riviera soon, you’re gonna want to pack a bikini top. Topless sunbathing is seeing a massive decline on the country’s famous beaches, according to a buzzed-about recent piece in French ELLE.  Read more.