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BeerThe best cruise lines for comedy

Fran Golden, USA Today

Cruise ship comedy used to be a joke. No more. Today top-rated comics and comedy acts vie for the steady work, good money and solid crowds.

Cruise lines typically have some family friendly comedy shows that are expletive free. But that rule doesn’t necessarily apply at late-night, adults-only shows – which feature more or less the same comedy fare you’ll find in clubs on land (though opinionated politics jokes may be muted).  Read more.

KoreaDespite warnings, more Western tourists are traveling to North Korea

Steven Borowiec , LA Times

It’s the kind of publicity that would seemingly scare off sightseers: A trio of U.S. citizens detained in North Korea pleading for help last week in brief, rarely granted media interviews.  Read more.

Treasures5 overlooked world treasures

Katia Hetter, CNN

You’ve already hiked up to Machu Picchu and climbed up and down the thousands of stairs of the Great Wall of China. We bet you’ve also stood awestruck before the Hagia Sofia and the Taj Majal.  Read more.

ComedyCheers! Another Cruise Line Brews Own Craft Beer

Theresa Norton Maser, TravelPulse

Cruising and beer have always gone hand-in-hand. Now, however, it appears that the guzzlers appreciate the fancier brews, and Princess Cruises is the latest cruise line to give it to them.  Read more.


GlobalTourismLet’s Celebrate Global Tourism’s Contributions on September 27 – World Tourism Day

Ed Fuller, Forbes

Later this month, on September 27, people around the world will mark World Tourism Day as they have every year since 1980.  That’s the day the United Nations designated as the one on which we recognize the positive contributions that global tourism makes each day to the world’s economic, cultural, political and social life.  Read more.


AppleHow the new Apple innovations may change travel

Mark Murphy, FoxNews

Apple’s announcement last week about its new iPhone 6, Apple Watch and Apple Pay should be exciting for travelers for all the new functionality it will give people.   Read more.