Try a New Treat This Halloween


After trick-or-treating on October 31, your kids are sure to return with a stash of packaged candies to last them for months. Even though little plastic bags and bars of sugary goodness are synonymous with the holiday, candy doesn’t have to be the only sweet treat that graces your home, or your family’s taste buds, this Halloween.

Making cupcakes allows families to spend time together in the kitchen and create something homemade that doesn’t come off of a party store shelf. Kids can learn the elements of baking, exercise their creativity with decorations and proudly share their concoctions with friends. Royal Caribbean International’s cookbook, Cupcakes & Scoops, features a recipe for pumpkin cupcakes (below), which call for gluten-free flour and dried cranberries – healthy ingredients to eliminate some of that Halloween guilt – and bake quickly so kids can get right to decorating.

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