cruise ship near an island
Cruise demand grows for the Caribbean, and lines answer the call

A combination of new cruise lines and bigger ships drove cruise capacity growth in the Caribbean this year beyond prepandemic levels, with more vessels on the way. Several cruise lines plan to deploy additional tonnage to the region in 2024 and beyond, potentially boosting passenger volumes in an area that already sails almost half of […]

Image of a castle in Europe
Europe’s travel authorization system (not a visa) is coming soon. Maybe.

After years of delays and no firm start date, travel advisors and tour operators are taking a measured approach to the EU’s upcoming European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). ETIAS, which consumer media often erroneously call a visa, is actually a travel authorization. Obtained via an online application that costs around $8, it screens […]

Couple sitting by a lake
Feeding the appetite for private experiences

It’s no secret that revenge travel is filling up airplanes, restaurants and resorts. But sometimes, travelers don’t necessarily want to feel cramped, or be next to fellow tourists when they reach their destination. As a result, more travelers have been seeking private experiences. “When the pandemic happened, [private experiences] kind of grew organically,” said Ron […]

heat map of Europe
Travel agents adjust trips as record heat wilts Southern Europe

The heat waves in Southern Europe this summer have been so intense, news outlets there have embraced names for them taken from the mythological underworld. Another used the quote “a giant pizza oven” to describe the sweltering region. In parts of Greece, Spain and Italy this month, the mercury drove up to 113 degrees, just […]

Pyramids of Giza
Unveiling the Wonders of Ancient Civilizations: Must-Visit Historical Sites

Step back in time and embark on a journey of wonder as we explore the enigmatic remnants of ancient civilizations. From the mystical pyramids of Egypt to the awe-inspiring temples of Machu Picchu, these historical sites offer a captivating glimpse into the past and the achievements of ancient cultures. Join us as we unveil these […]

Prague Old Town
Land tours and river cruises are thriving in Eastern Europe

Demand for travel to Eastern Europe is at its strongest in three years, according to tour operators and river cruise lines, some of whom say the region could see a full recovery in 2024. To be sure, bookings have yet to surpass 2019 levels — a year many companies say was the region’s best, before […]

Bottle Breaking on Explora I
Explora Journeys Takes Delivery Of Explora I

A new chapter in luxury ocean travel has begun with the official delivery of EXPLORA I, the first luxury ship to join the esteemed fleet of Explora Journeys. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for the brand, which aims to offer discerning luxury travelers a transformative and purposeful ocean travel experience like no other. […]

Paris skyline
Romantic Escapes: Captivating Destinations for Couples

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate your romance than with a dreamy getaway for two? Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, an anniversary celebration, or simply want to escape to a romantic paradise, we’ve curated a list of enchanting destinations that are perfect for couples. From secluded beaches to charming cities, […]

Man on top of Joshua Tree
Americans are venturing forth with confidence

A lot of people are traveling right now. That statement has been true for some time as pandemic-weary consumers hit the road after the omicron variant dealt its blows in early 2021, and they haven’t really stopped. Busy travel advisors know that well. Allianz Partners USA’s Vacation Confidence Index, released this month, further emphasized that […]

cruise ship in Norway
Sail Away: Unforgettable Cruise Adventures Around the Globe

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey across the seas, exploring breathtaking destinations and creating unforgettable memories? Look no further than the world of cruise adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time cruiser, setting sail on a cruise ship offers a unique and immersive way to discover the beauty of our […]