How to see the volcanic eruptions on the Big Island

It’s been almost 40 years since the last time the Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes were erupting at the same time. As such a rare event, it’s already brought many visitors to the island specifically to see the spectacle, while others are still wondering whether they should get on a plane and go. The answer […]

MSC Seascape in NY Harbor

Our CEO, Richard Shane introducing the brand new MSC Seascape at NY Harbor.

Hindered during the pandemic, city tourism has come roaring back

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Urban destinations are not only back, but they will drive the next decade of travel recovery, according to new data from the World Travel & Tourism Council. WTTC’s Cities Economic Impact Report, released Wednesday at its Global Summit, analyzed 82 city destinations and found that prior to the pandemic, major cities […]

Google data highlights growing interest in blended trips

Consumers are prioritizing booking travel experiences and are embracing blended trips to have those experiences, according to new research from Google. In a new study from the search giant, 38% of leisure travelers traveling internationally from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy say they are more likely to plan or book a […]

By necessity or design, Caribbean resorts are going off-grid

From logistics to upfront costs, becoming a green, reduced-carbon resort is a challenge. But it’s one that quite a few Caribbean resort owners are not shying away from. While some hoteliers across the region are doing their part by reducing or eliminating single-use plastics, utilizing local materials or offering farm-to-table dining, others are taking it […]

Do cruises beat resorts on value? The huge price gap says yes

Cruise line executives have long contended that resorts and land vacations are their main competitors but that cruising is a better value. Nearly three years since the pandemic began, it appears that has never been more true. Both analysts and cruise lines report that the price gulf between cruises and land-based vacations has more than […]

Working during vacation: Hotels respond to bleisure’s flipside

When it comes to bleisure, there’s been plenty of buzz around how best to cater to business travelers looking to add leisure to the mix. But much less has been said about the growing number of leisure travelers who can extend their trips by working during vacation. The trend is an offshoot of the “workation” […]

As flyer habits change, airlines rethink approach to scheduling

The changing travel patterns brought about by the pandemic have caused the Big Three U.S. airlines to begin a readjustment of their decades-old approach to flight scheduling. American, Delta and United have for years largely built their schedules with a focus on the peak days and times of their corporate customers’ flights. Now, motivated by […]

First Call: New comforts on Lindblad’s National Geographic Islander II

When Lindblad Expeditions revealed in 2021 that it was the buyer of Crystal Cruises’ former Crystal Esprit, the expedition specialist seemed an unlikely suitor for a 48-passenger yacht mostly used for high-end charters. But what Lindblad saw was the opportunity to upgrade its hardware in the Galapagos, where an array of upscale ships are being […]

How advisors can conquer overtourism sentiments

Overtourism is a growing concern for the residents of Hawaii, especially as visitor numbers continue to rise. Some residents have voiced their opinions on social media posts, videos and TV shows, and clients seeing these may start to question whether to continue with their plans. While not everyone has had to face the negative sentiment […]