Queen Mary 2 Captain Philpott’s Monthly Column

Glad to be aboard

How else could I start this week’s column other than to say “Wow!!!” in response to such a welcome from Mr Richard Shane of The World’s Greatest Vacations to the Team here, via his video filmed from his boat alongside the one and only Queen Mary 2 in New York Harbour!! Up until just a […]

Queen Mary 2 Captain Philpott joining The World’s Greatest Vacations

We are proud to welcome Queen Mary 2 Captain Philpott aboard The World’s Greatest Vacations. [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/294428583[/vimeo] Ever wonder who that is “driving” your ocean liner? Who and how did he or she get that mega-responsibility? More than 300,000 lives counting on you every year, as well as a billion dollar high tech vessel? Me too?? How […]

Bon Voyage Queen Mary 2

“Finished with Engines” I called to the Officer in the center of the Navigating Bridge from my conning position over on the port side Bridge wing. Another smooth arrival into New York’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for Queen Mary 2 had just taken place, after yet another of her signature Transatlantic Crossings from Southampton, England. I […]