Facts & Performance

The Top 10 Facts and Questions About The World’s Greatest Vacations

Why working with The World’s Greatest Vacations? Here are some interesting facts about the efficiency and performance of Direct Mail in today’s world
  1. Deepest market penetration in the premium leisure category: 1,092,000 of the country’s most active vacation traveler households. The second deepest penetration is only 950,000.
  2. Total reach in excess of 1.5 million households, with daily and weekly communications reaching an audience of over 1,000,000 and growing.
  3. Our comprehensive multi-touch direct response platform is perfectly integrated and reaches greater 1,000,000 impressions every week, growing daily.
  4. Custom digital solutions including retargeting, dedicated media, trade assistance are part of the successful model.
  5. Founded in 1993, The World’s Greatest Vacations (formerly Treasure Chest) has grown every year partnering with more than 200 premium leisure companies.
  6. Direct mail’s effectiveness is at record level, superior to digital media and direct mail.
  7. Our partners see a greater response rate at 11 cents/unit than direct mail costing them 10x as much. Click here to learn more.
  8. For only 11 cents/unit, you receive a fully turn-key solution, including postage and printing for direct mail solutions and curation and editing of content for inclusion in our 1,000,000n weekly digital impressions.
  9. Custom solutions for your direct response needs. Click here to learn more.
  10. Guaranteed to surpass sales and marketing goals.