Cruising Can Thrive Today

Cruising has a unique opportunity to throw a life-line to covid weary, travel-hungry individuals. Even those elusive new to cruise consumers. Required is bold, correctly packaged messaging. Properly executed, cruise can not only survive but thrive, too. Any individual ocean or river cruise brand can take this approach, but an industry wide initiative will be […]

What sustains a traveler in 2020

When mapping the human genome, researchers investigated the properties of a gene labeled DRD4, which influences the way rewards are perceived and processed in the brain. It is, in plain language, the novelty-seeking gene. Those who possess it are happiest when stimulated by something new and different. It’s associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but […]

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?

More than 50 countries currently allow U.S. citizens to visit, but some restrictions apply. THE CURRENT GLOBAL pandemic has many Americans rethinking the way they travel. Road trips and camping vacations have grown in popularity, as many Americans have discovered the country has more than its fair share of stunning natural landscapes, from the Grand […]

As travel restructures, leave room for inspiration

Perhaps it’s not surprising that a side effect of the pandemic is introspection. That may be particularly true for those in the travel industry, an extroverted industry if ever there was one. But I’ve gotten the sense that some of the time that would have been spent on the road or at events and conferences […]

Is it Safe to Travel? How to Vacation Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Experts weigh in and offer tips on how (and where) to travel. SEVERAL MONTHS INTO THE pandemic and many of the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop the spread of COVID-19 haven’t changed much: Wear masks, socially distance, wash your hands and stay home as much as possible. However, […]

We Control Our Destiny

Covid has disabled the travel industry. What’s it like to live with a disability, and how do you excel despite it? The travel industry’s challenge today is more significant than most for obvious reasons and will be in the back of the line to recover. We bring joy to people after they’ve had their financial […]

How to be effectively desperate

Our situation may be worrisome, but we have to be measured and creative with how and when we show that. Consider how five desperate travel industry components — hospitality, European destinations, cruise lines, airlines and U.S. destinations — behaved this month. Half the members of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) are in danger […]

The pandemic’s Book of Genesis

Toward the end of June, I received an email inquiring whether I wanted a review copy of a book titled “Covid-19 & Travel: Impacts, Responses and Outcomes,” by Simon Hudson (2020, Goodfellow Publishers). This was just three-and-a-half months after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, and while I was curious to see it, it seemed inconceivable […]

Don’t Bully NYC

New York, New York, the city so great it’s named twice. Sure, it’s easy to kick someone when they’re down…the whole world is down right now…why not pick on Peoria? (Sorry Peoria, but, you know…) Bullies bully to make themselves feel better about themselves…taking shots at others because of their own shortcomings (eg. POTUS). Sure, […]

The pandemic doldrums

A widely-shared experience during this pandemic is the feeling that our lives are not so much on “pause” as stuck on “repeat.” Without the things that enliven and give variety to our lives, we can feel trapped in a loop of similitude. Last week, it got to me. I hit the doldrums. In nautical terms, […]