Six Reasons to Visit Innsbruck, Austria

Lying in the midst of two mountain chains, Innsbruck is a charming city with impeccable views. This lively and colorful destination has a little something for everyone, from historic art and architecture to high-end and boutique shopping opportunities. Here are six reasons why this Austrian hideaway deserves to be put on your must-visit list: Christmas […]

Street View – Lisbon’s Alfama District

The ancient Alfama District of Lisbon is a sprawling network of quaint cobblestone alleyways, streets, and paths that starts at the São Jorge Castle and extends down the hill until it hits the banks of the Tejo River. There are boutiques, shops, cafes, and Fado restaurants tucked around every corner. The Alfama District was the […]

Live for Lisbon with Collette

Lisbon might have once been the best kept secret in Europe, but the secret is out. Lisbon has all the history, architecture, art, scenic beauty, and nightlife of other major European cities, and travelers are realizing that Portugal’s stunning capital city can’t be overlooked. Lisbon was built on seven hills, giving it a uniquely rolling […]

Alberta’s Enchanting Ice Magic Festival

One of the highlights for those visiting Alberta during the winter season is its annual Ice Magic Festival. For three days in January, ice carvers from around the world travel to Lake Louise in Banff National Park to create ornate works of art out of large blocks of ice. With brute strength and precision, these […]

A Winter Wonderland Awaits in Alberta, Canada

The enchanting, natural beauty of Alberta continues to captivate those who travel to this snow-covered western province of Canada. Nature enthusiasts are particularly enamored by the majestic mountain ranges, sublime lakes, and tranquil prairies found here. Once you breathe in the alpine air and take in the stunning vistas that seem to find you at […]

Unearth the Cultural Treasures of Japan

The quiet, understated beauty of Japanese culture can be found around every corner when you travel through Japan. Although it may be hidden amongst the hustle of their big modern cities, it can be found everywhere. There are three things that you can find in the quiet moments in Japan, works of cultural art that […]

Southern Italy and Sicily: Three Places You Need to Visit

Italy has drawn the adventurous traveler since ancient times, but there’s always something new and exciting to explore. We’ve gathered up three can’t-miss experiences in Southern Italy and Sicily. The historic city of Palermo might be the capital of Sicily, but scattered among the narrow streets are true wonders to behold. The unique blend of […]

What You Didn’t Know About Eating and Drinking in Ireland

Ireland’s food scene has undergone an exciting revival, making it one of Europe’s most talked-about food destinations. Here are a few fantastic culinary attractions that you and your palate should not miss when visiting Ireland. Irish Cuisine Irish food is deeply comforting cuisine that’s known for freshness, simplicity and heartiness, but the food scene in […]

Exotic Destinations!

Discover the city of Dubai and let Collette be your guide to one of the most exotic locations the world has to offer. We invite you to come to know the magnificent city of Dubai. Famous for its towering architectural wonders, beautiful coastline and luxurious ambiance, this vibrant oasis has emerged as a global business and cultural […]

Discover Scotland with Collette

There is no denying that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world – think sweeping glens, precarious peaks, miles of dramatic coastlines and of course, castles! Book a 9-day tour with Collette and you’ll be on your way to exploring some of Scotland’s most incredible locations and attractions. 4 Reasons to […]